29 NOVEMBER 1969

For the first time could we watch English football on TV live. The very first match was played at Molineux Grounds on a snowy field with blue lines and a brown ball. Wolves vs. Sunderland. Hugh Curran was the first scorer in the 1-0  win for Wolves.

What a start for an era that ended in the spring 1995 after 423 league matches broadcasted live on saturdays. After that, as we all know, football on TV just exploded. Nowdays we can see all the matches we want. In the first beginning not even the english people could watch the league football live. They had to wait many years for live TV because of the believe that it would take down the attendance at the grounds.


A very surprised Steve Highway in Liverpool answered my request for his autograph like this.

Fredrik Belfrage, Ingvar Oldsberg, Leif Larsson and Staffan Lindeborg

4 out of 28 commentators in duty during the years when the programme was named Tipsextra.

More to know, if you will remember the first years.

All results, goal scoresrs and attendance from all matches in the seasons in the 70´s

Results from Tipsextra in the 80´s and 90´s season will not be published on this site.

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Lennart Kristiansson