Now It´s 80 years later, It´s the 1970-71 season and it´s matchday at Goodison Park.

The players visiting Goodison Park are in the middle, in the end or start of their careers and the speaker is announcing their names for the homecrowd. This is top football in a class of it´s own. It´s world class in the worlds best Leauge.

That´s the perspective you shall have while viewing this page.

Over 450 people were involved in activities at goodison this season. In this page you´ll find presentation of 320 opponent players in First Division, 58 players in FA Cup-ties at Goodison and 48 players presented in visiting European Champions Cup teams.

The Everton-staff includes 25 persons, all important people to run the business at Goodison.

The men with the whistles are not forgotten, this term 25 different referees officiated the 28 games played between 15th August 1970 to 9th May 1971.

At Goodison Park in 1970-71 season there was all together 28 home games including 3 European Champions Cup-ties.

The Everton-staff includes 50 persons, all important people to run the business at Goodison.

This page includes all home match day magazines and a photo gallery with pictures from the seasons matches.

Player Parade for each opponent player are written by Alan Williams, Daily Express.

Home game programmes 1970-71

Just click on the programme to see what Alan Williams, Daily Express wrote about the visiting players at that time.

         15th aug1970                                  18th aug 1970                             29th aug 1970                             12th sept 1970                            16th sept 1970                           26th sept 1970

         10th oct1970                                   24th oct 1970                                 4th nov 1970                                7th nov 1970                               28th nov 1970                           12th dec 1970

        19th dec1970                                   1zt jan 1971                                    16th jan 1971                                23rd jan 1971                             6th feb 1971                            13th feb 1971

         20th feb1971                                   23rd feb 1971                                   27th feb 1971                               3rd mar 1971                              9th mar 1971                            13th mar 1971

         31st mar1971                                   10th apr 1971                                  12th apr 1971                             24th apr 1971     

Photo gallery from Goodison Park 1970-71