11th april at Wembley Stadium

Chelsea - Leeds United 2-2

Chelsea: Peter Houseman, Ian Hutchinson   Leeds: Jackie Charlton, Mick Jones

29th april at Old Trafford (REPLAY)

Chelsea - Leeds United 2-1

Chelsea: David Webb, Peter Osgood   Leeds:  Mick Jones

The FA-Cup Finals in the 70´s was great happenings all played at Wembley Stadium with a crowd of 100.000 watchimg live and millions of watchers on TV. To obtain in my search for all 1970-71 players in England I came over many players starting their career in the 70´s. In fact almost everyone playing in a FA-Cup Final have it´s signature in my albums.


8th may at Wembley Stadium

Arsenal - Liverpool 2-1

Arsenal: Ray Kennedy, Charlie George   Liverpool:  Steve Heighway

6th may at Wembley Stadium

Leeds United - Arsenal  1-0

Leeds: Allan Clarke

5th may at Wembley Stadium

Sunderland - Leeds United 1-0

Sunderland: John Porterfield

4th may at Wembley Stadium

Liverpool - Newcastle United 3-0

Liverpool: Kevin Keegan 2, Steve Heighway

3rd may at Wembley Stadium

West Ham United - Fulham 2-0

West Ham: Alan Taylor 2

1st may at Wembley Stadium

Southampton - Manchester United 1-0

Southampton: Bobby Stokes

21st may at Wembley Stadium

Manchester United - Liverpool  2-1

Manchester United: Jimmy Greenhoff, Stuart Pearson

Liverpool: Jimmy Case

6th may at Wembley Stadium

Ipswich Town - Arsenal 1-0

Ipswich: Roger Osborne

12th may at Wembley Stadium

Arsenal - Manchester United 3-2

Arsenal: Brian Talbot, Alan Sunderland, Frank Stapleton

Manchester United: Sammy McIlroy, Gordon McQueen

Autographs from the 70´s finals

Just 3 names are missing from the late 70´s finals. Everyone elses signature are

captured in the albums connected to this site.

Here is a document with some digital cards

I highly recommend searching on YouTube. You can see them all play.