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About me and this site


Hi, my name is Lennart Kristiansson

I am living in a village outside a town called Umeå in the north of Sweden. At the time around the 1970-71 season I where some 16-17 years of age and also played football myself, at a low club level tough. Otherwise my relationship with sport's been mainly as a supporter, and I still am a huge supporter. My favourite team is a Icehockey team, Bjorklöven, whom i have most lojaly followed since 1963 and haven´t missed out on many homegames.

I still follow football and English club football on all levels, have always been close to my heart. At the beginning of season1969-70 I had the oppurtunity to see Chelsea play Ipswich at Stamford bridge. I can promise you that I was hooked after that magnifficent experince!, and of course I became a member of the Supporter Club for many years. Chelsea is still my favourite Club but I have a couple of favourite teams of which I must name Wolverhampton Wanderers. During the 70´s they were often on television at Saturdays and won my heart.

It where also in Chelseas souverniershop I purchased a small book containing every address to English Football Clubs. And that's really how it begun....... I'm also very glad that most of the things i collected from English football that season still remains.

About The Site

I have spent many hours working on this site. A lot of information about this single season in the past can be found here.

The collection consists of a large quantity of items put into albums. Digital Autograph Cards are made for every 70-71 footballer in the League this season. Just for the purpose to show their autographs on this site.


I'd like to especially thank Bob Dunning from Leeds. I came upon his site, the Bob´s 70-71 footballers , out of pure coincidence. It's an amazing page that Bob clearly must have put alot of effort into, and a page with great ambitions. I remained at his site for several hours, just clicking my way trough different text-pieces and various links. Stunning work! It where quite an excillerating feeling to view and remind myself of all those names from my youth which Bob ambitiously have gathered. Without Bob's homepage it sadly seems so that my collection of autographs and various items would remain somewhere in my attic still.

Thank you Bob!

I'd also like to send my gratitude some almost fifty years back in time, to all of those nice and generous English football players whom took some of their time and replied the letters from a supporter far away. Not only did they stamp and mail their responses, some of them added friendly letters and even sent back more materials than a young supporter ever could have dreamt of.

Maybe someone of you, that has your signature in my collection is surfing around and find this page. Please send me a mail.

And to the old players that already been in touch .........Thanks !!!!

and of course, all friends in England and Ireland where Mark Gray is best of all. I couldn´t manage to bring order of this without Neil Brown either, using his facts and kindly listings by email. Neil isin´t longer with us. (R.I.P)

I´m still a supporter to you all, just 50 years older.

I hope you will enjoy your visit !

December 2017 in the beginning of the process to replace the site with new pages similiar to the old ones wich had to old HTML code to work nowdays.

Lennart Kristiansson

This article was published and printed in an English Autograph Magazine

Autograph News UK issue 47 2012