This is an unique presentation of a large collection of autographs with focus on one single season of the English Football League

The Collection strives forward finding the autograph of 2516 English Football League names.

Of that total, 2472 has, as of now, been accounted for.

That means that almost 98,3 %  of the persons involved in English professional football 1970-71, either as a player, manager, trainer or coach can be found by his autograph in the collection.


Noteworthy is that only 40 players signatures are  missing (MISSING LIST UPDATED 21 DEC 2021)  in the collection. In order to complete the collection with all involved in the league included all managers, first team trainers and coaches there are just  3 first team trainers still missing  (MISSING LIST)  to complete it all. About goalkeepers so are non out of 219. All the skippers in the league have their signatures in the Skippers page.


The Team Pages displays their signatures on Digital Autograph Cards, Team by Team in the 4 divisions 1970-71.

It´s years of hard work to create the Albums and the Site and I believe this is an unique and interesting collection and probably one of the largest in the world over one single season.

Collection 70-71 is only a moment of British football history, but it can tell some about an era when English football was of the highest international level at Wembley in 1966.

"Remember, this site will never be ready, It´s always under development"


The autographs in the ”collection 70-71 consist of 92 albums, one for each English League Club from that season. Those 92 albums have been numbered and cataloged from Arsenal, the winner of the first division, to Barrow, whom finished last in the fourth division


It is a gigantic collection. The autographs consist of signatures on white cards, sheets, magazine pictures, cuttings, programs, signed team pictures and even signed souvenirs from that time.

The site will have all albums in PDF. See Team table menu Teams or find the PDF-file in each clubs Team Page.


For the moment I am in work to show more and more pictures. My earlier ambition to show everything was to hard to live up to. There were to much to work with. I will instead show  galleries with selected pictures from the Albums, even if it wouldn´t surprise me if my albums could manage a picture of almost everyone.

The galleries can be found and sorted under the menu for managers, keepers, skippers, topscorers and the gallery players. They are not sorted in any way, they just need a connection to season 1970-71.

Chelsea is my Club and I was member at the time it all started (See the foot of the site). I still support Chelsea but my heart belongs to all English Clubs. This Site is made for every Club and every fan having interest in the past. You can say this site is filled with nostalgia.

My membership cards for Chelsea Supporters Club 1969-70, 1970-71 and 1971-72